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Meet  Jordan Mercedes,

Credentialed Professional Coach, ACC, 

the creator of the Win Code TM

How we began:Every person has unique brilliance and experiences more wins than they give themselves credit for. When we combine wisdom and awareness with an open heart in the spirit of growth and learning, our capacity to live from a place of winning increases exponentially. 

The Win Code invites each person to fully step forward and recognize their power to win according to what's important to them. Living a winning life is not reserved for the elite it's an invitation for all people.


Coaching has always been a part of my professional life. The research for the Win Code came from hundreds, if not thousands of conversations over a fifteen-year period. From radio interviews to strategy sessions to coaching and mentoring sessions.


I began to notice significant links between those who changed, and those who mostly stayed the same. I saw blocks that kept people stuck in a life they didn't want and I saw a clear "win" connection with those who gave up trying to accomplish things in a way that didn't feel natural to them or in way that caused them to compare themselves to others. 

I witnessed a positive pattern when  gratitude and appreciation for even small successes were expressed along the way to the wins they experienced.


Using this data, I created the Win Code to help clients shift their thinking from the negative impossible to the positive now possible so they can accelerate and experience positive growth in personal, meaningful ways. 


We all have an individualized Win Code that when lived, makes life rich and rewarding.  

My breakthrough:  I felt like I was chasing the win. In fact, each morning my hurry-filled thoughts gathered in a pool around my head to greet me upon waking. My mind was filled with a frenzy of the imagined needs of the day, I regularly felt that I was behind even before I got out of bed. I was exhausted, uninspired and out of ideas of how to slow my thoughts down long enough to give myself a moment of true rest. 

All that spinning started a few years ago when I lost my best friend, and a cherished mentor who died within six months of each other. After that not much felt normal to me. During that time I routinely woke up overwhelmed feeling like I had to find a new way forward even as I dealt with grief.


What I didn't notice was all of the progress and growth I'd made since the time of such deep loss.  


One morning, a few years down the road, as the overwhelm started rushing in, I had the thought, "what about the good things? What about all the wins I had yesterday and what about gratitude?" "What if that was the first thing on my mind when I wake?"


I stopped the frenzy, quieted my heart to pray and with a heart of gratitude, started rehearsing my wins from the days, weeks and months before. This brought a most incredible joy and exhilaration.  There were so many wins that I hadn't acknowledged. Wins that were specific to me but I couldn't appreciate because of the habit of living in overwhelm. I later learned that reviewing wins and looking at what's working in life stimulates the brain to do more winning!


This got me thinking, researching, observing and experimenting. I decided to make a WIN CODE for how I start my day. That was the first of many WIN CODES that I created for myself. I've successfully created WIN CODES for my work, my health and taking time out to rest and renew. 

I started to coach, teach and model the Win Code with my clients and to my joy, I  watched people accomplish and celebrate small and large WINS that are important to them. I'm on a mission to share the Win Code with as many as I can because I know that putting the focus on what's working, living in gratitude, honoring who we are and celebrating our wins is life changing and powerful. .


 I'm inviting you to have your own Win Code experience!

The Story Continues:

I'm a credentialed coach through the ICF (International Coach Federation). For over fifteen years I've been coaching in some capacity. I teach Ethics and Group coaching at the Professional Christian Coach Institute. I am also a  curriculum developer with two training programs accredited through the ICF that are used to train coaches world-wide. I'm the creator of Leaders Coach Forward, The Win Code and The Coach Labs.  My favorite things are family, my Win Code Lab sisters, my amazing friends, sunrises and love!  My passion is to elevate the way we create, celebrate and speak about our wins.

Winning can be an every day experience rather than a hit or miss event. 

I'm ready for my Win Code?  

Click to get started.

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