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The Unknown Land

It's common to fear the unknown. When we think of change, many go straight to the worrying phase and try to fix what's wrong. We want the instant relief of figuring things out but often disconnect from ourselves and compare who we are to someone else, hoping to find our true worth and value.  The paralyzing practice of self-doubt, personal scrutiny and being critical of our hopes and dreams keeps us starring at what we think is wrong with us. 


But, what if nothing is wrong? What if your worth and value is solid right now?  What if you're missing the answer because you're looking outward instead of inside of you?

For some, the thought of being still and asking ourselves what we really want and what is already working is foreign. 


We're conditioned to believe that thinking differently is dangerous, but what if that's exactly what's needed?  What if NOT thinking differently is the real risk?

What will your life look like if you never stop to change the way you're thinking? 

Sometimes a win requires grit, sometimes a win requires the grace to receive what you already have inside of you. 

What's in your way?  

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