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Their Win: Good for them Not for You.

The beautiful thing about creating your Win Code is that your Win Code works for you, but it probably won’t work the same way for someone else.

Think about it, a win for your friend, may not be a success for you.

Most of my fiends and family enjoy eating avocado…if you know me, you know this is absolutely not a win for me. Not only do I not like the coveted good-for-you food, it does not like me! It does things to my body that I’m too polite to share here but I guess you can imagine.

Someone may create a healthy Win Code that includes a plate full of greens including this one. But for me, it would be like eating poison, it would just make me sick.

There are other yummy greens that are absolutely delightful for me and when I have them I feel my Win Code success.

A Win Code salad made from the greens that I enjoy and that fuel my body in a way that helps me have the energy to do what I do, is important me.

You have the freedom to make Win Code choices based on what is right or what is the best for you. You get to be conscious of those wins and celebrate them. The more you recognize them, the more you celebrate them the more you will want to do them.

It’s your race to run and your avocado to eat or not to eat. Good for them, bad for you and that is perfectly okay.

How do you Win?

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