The Lost Ring

Have you ever lost a ring or an item that was very special to you? If so, you know the feeling of panic, sadness and disappointment that goes through a heart when a meaningful possession is lost. My sister had this experience. She had been given a family heirloom ring and wore it faithfully, until the day she took it off to do housework.

The next day she told me that she lost her ring. It was a sad moment, she didn’t pay attention to where she put it when she took it off, all she knew was that it was gone.

She looked every where she could think of but didn’t find it. She looked on top of shelves, in her car around her home before finally calling it a loss.

She could not imagine where it could be, the next step was to accept the fact that it was gone and let it go in her heart.

That was the plan, but she couldn’t help going back to places she’d already checked to see if somehow it might magically appear. After a few disappointing searches she said a quick “help me” prayer and looked in the back of a drawer where she thought it might be…a place she’d already looked a few different times.

It was there.

Her gratitude showed up in tears.

Sometimes we think we’ve lost or misplaced our dreams or those things that are important to us. We think we’ve lost out on the kind of life we want to live, the joy we want to experience or our most valued hope for the future. One day you have it, the next it’s nowhere to be found.

But like that ring, it wasn’t lost, just misplaced in a way that it takes a few passes to find and the moment you do, gratitude, tears, joy.

The effort it took to go back and look around for the ring was worth it, it’s the same with the life you want to live or the things you want to accomplish, at first, the wisdom, motivation or even energy may seem lost, but when you slow down, go back and look again you find that all is not lost just hidden a little out of sight for you to discover, appreciate and to enjoy.

Finding what you thought was lost