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This 10-week coaching collaboration gives you the tools to create your WIN CODE in any area of your life, working with Jordan Mercedes.


You will learn: 

  • The 5 Clarifying WIN CODE questions.

  • How to make your WIN CODE powerful and meaningful to you and why it works.

  • How to implement a WIN CODE so it sticks.

  • How to turn obstacles into data to fine-tune your WIN CODE.

  • How to celebrate your wins in a way that impacts your brain and long-term growth and development.


Sound exciting? I think so too! Let's make your WIN CODE a reality. 

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Ready to create something world-changing? Apply to be a member of a WIN CODE lab. Mastermind alliances fueled by positive support, brilliant ideas, sharing, collaboration, and connection.


Imagine your own WC circle where your main goal is to help each other create wins in your business or projects.  You will be amazed at what emerges when you gather to help each other win!

You must be enrolled in WC-10 or The WC Institute to participate in our member-based WC Lab.
Coming Soon


Learning Lab | Participate in 3 levels of learning with online courses, 3-day retreats or 6-week intensives.

Training Lab | Become a certified WIN CODE coach. Learn the signature WIN CODE 10 principles and help your clients create their own WC so they can experience deep joy and satisfaction in their lives and work.  

Corporate Workshop | Want to experience the WIN CODE at work with your team?  Or at your school with your students? Schedule a 1-day WC workshop that equips your team to create and achieve wins that benefit them individually and that benefit the company. This is an action-packed day that will maximize creativity and group collaboration...not to mention that it is AMAZING fun!  

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