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How to participate 

The Win Code currently offers 3 levels of participation. 

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Create Your WINCODE!
10-Week coaching Co-lab

This 10-week coaching collaboration gives you the space, insight and support to create your WIN CODE in any area of your life, working with Jordan Mercedes, you explore your best wins and how to move forward in achieving them.

Bring Your Ideas to Life!
A mastermind WIN group.

Have a big idea to bring to the world? This membership group is for those ready to create something world-changing. Gain access to a hand picked mastermind group, fueled by positive support, brilliant ideas, sharing, collaboration and connection.

(Coming Soon)
Take it to the next level!
Online courses, 3- day retreats, 6-week intensives

Learning Lab | Online courses, 3-day retreats or 6-week intensives.

Training Lab | Become a certified WIN CODE coach.

Corporate Workshop | Schedule a 1-day WIN CODE workshop that equips your team to create and achieve wins that benefit them individually and collectively. 

The Win Code Institute helps you gain the skills to think, work and speak in ways that support your wins! 

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