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The Win Code Lab is a super powerful Mastermind for those creating and launching their big ideas.

We currently have 12 seats open in the next WCM starting in October 2019. Imagine being a part of a group of amazing people who show up to win and help you WIN! It's not a contest, but we want to ensure the synergy is optimal for the magic we want to create.

To apply, please send me a PDF with the following information.

  1. All of your contact info.

  2. A few words about your work, what you are passionate about and how you hope to impact your world. Include some of your goals and dreams and a few word about what winning means to you . (This should all fit on 1 page)

  3. Include a link to your website and any other wonderful things you are doing.

  4. Be patient with me, I have a lot of interest in the Win Code Mastermind Lab, so it will take a few days to get back to applicants.  If it's a good fit and we fill up, you will be at the top of the list for our 2nd group.

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